Learning Architecture


INFORMAR will build and maintain a learning architecture between scientists, policy makers and practitioners related to integrated forest management. INFORMAR was intentionally designed to have an impact on (and connect) the scientific and political debate relating to integrated forest management in Europe and beyond. It will align research and policy making in a way that research directly responds to questions formulated by policy makers and societal actors.

Through a series of workshops, conferences, meetings and other networking activities, INFORMAR will establish a space for a mutual learning between interested stakeholders and provide the opportunity for an open discussion on advancing integrated forest management approaches, principally related to forest management practice, science and policy making. The foreseen learning architecture will enable to project to jointly formulate policy-related conclusions through the dialogical process between scientists, practitioners and policy makers. This furthermore means that the research findings produced through INFORMAR will also feed into the learning architecture, to be synthesized together with interested stakeholders.

Policy makers, practitioners and scientists interested in join INFORMAR's learning architecture are encouraged to engage in activities related to policy making (the INTEGRATE network), science (Research) and practice (Marteloscopes) as well as other relevant project initiatives. INFORMAR, as part of establishing a learning architecture, will present its final and collective work, outputs and policy recommendations through an international conference to be organised in 2020.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us for more information.